Wound Closure Principles

ETHICON Wound Closure Manual


This wound closure manual was prepared to serve as a resource for those medical practitioners who wish to learn more about the practice of surgery. This includes, but is not limited to, such topics as the dynamics of tissue healing, the principles involved in wound closure, and the various materials that are available to today’s medical professionals.

Most importantly, this manual examines many of the critical decisions that practitioners must make on a daily basis in order to help ensure proper wound closure.

ETHICON, Inc. maintains the utmost respect for the life-saving work performed by surgical practitioners everywhere, whether in major veterinary medical centers, small hospitals, teaching institutions, or local clinics. It is ETHICON’s hope that this manual will answer many of the common questions that veterinary professionals face in their day to day work.

Knot Tying Techniques and Sutures Handling

ETHICON Knot Tying Manual


Today, research and refinements of both manufacture and sterilization have provided surgeons with a wide variety of suture materials, both natural and synthetic. The successful use of any suture material depends upon skillful knot tying and meticulous suture handling.

The development and use of finer gauge sutures has resulted in the adoption of more refined, standardized and simplified suturing techniques. This knot tying manual has been designed assist medical students, surgical residents, physician assistants, and surgeons in the various techniques of knot tying as well as the proper handling of sutures for optimum results.

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