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Dental instruments are a major investment for any Dental office. With our Cone Socket line of instruments, a substantial savings can be realized as you only replace tips instead of the entire instrument. With a double-ended handle you design the tip combination that suits your technique. Available in Carbon (recommended) and Stainless Steel, Cone Socket instruments are also environmentally friendly. Disposal of Cone Socket tips result in approximately 93% less waste than that of a conventional instrument. To discover Cone Socket tips and our selection of handles (CSHA recommended), please open the catalog link below and scroll  to pages 8-13.

Please note: Cone Socket tips should be tightened using a wrench (1-time purchase – recommend CSWS) Finger tightening is not recommended.

Prices vary but range in the $10-12 range per tip. Send us an email with the codes for a quote today

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