$9.95 / mask

N95 Mask 

  • FDA registered

  • CE registered – FFP2

  • Health Canada approved

  • China GB/T registered

  • minimum order 10 masks

i LED Woodpecker Curing Lamp


Suture Specials - Ethicon / Surgical Specialties

Outstanding deals on all  suture codes from Ethicon and Surgical Specialties Corp. 

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Laschal Microsurgery Set........... $549

  • 18cm castro needle holder

  • blunt micro scissors

  • atraumatic tissue forceps

  • cassette


The swiss-army knife for Oral surgery extractions. A combined “all-in-one” set of 3 replacing your periotome, your luxator and your elevator. 


Dr. Leziy Tunneling set (4)

Narrower and thinner for more precise access and minimal tissue manipulation 


Osseodensification kit

Indicated for straight / tapered implants in soft or hard bone. Provides better implant stability

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